Gender Bender
Romantic Comedy Screenplay with a splash of Fantasy.

Query Letter

GENDER BENDER - screenplay

Logline: A ladies man is cursed by a gypsy to turn into a woman every other day when he hurts her feelings and must figure out a way to turn back to himself before time runs out.

Summary: Gender Bender is written along the lines of films such as "There's Something About Mary" and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin". The story is about a successful 28-year-old man named Anthony (Tony), whom along with his group of friends is a player and sleeps with women on a regular basis. One night, Tony sleeps with a woman and hurts her feelings by not answering her calls. She finds him at a nightclub and vindictively curses him with an ancient gypsy spell that changes him into a woman every other day. The impact of being a woman at first is completely mindboggling to Tony, and with the help of his best friend Jack, he comes to terms with the curse. Together, they seek out a solution to the curse, while shenanigans ensue from the variety of hilarious characters, both at work and at play. Tony's alter ego Tanya starts to take over control of both mind and body while she starts to fall in love with the unlikeliest person. If Tony wants to be himself for good, he has to break the curse before time runs out.

I believe the dynamic characters and universal themes in "Gender Bender" will appeal to a very wide audience (especially in this day and age of LGBQT activism). The plot twists and raunchy comedy will keep people engaged and laughing. Besides being a published author, and nationally distributed filmmaker, I also have a decent following with various online communities and feel as though my draw will help this film become well known. I am looking forward to hear what you think of the script. Thanks for your time and consideration.

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About Me

My name is Jason Sherman and this is my third screenplay. I've been a journalist since 2012, and have written & published two books. Previously, I wrote, produced, and directed "The Bucks County Massacre", which won the Audience Choice Award in 2011 at the New Hope Film Festival. More recently I wrote, produced, and directed "The Kings Highway" which won Best Feature Documentary at the FirstGlance Philadelphia Film Festival of 2016.

I wrote and published a self-help book entitled "Strap on your Boots" which is currently circulating area universities and helping several startups and business owners succeed.

I'd love to have Gender Bender picked up by a movie studio to be produced into a film one day. Hopefully you see potential in the story and would like to represent me. My writing resume can be seen here.

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