About Us

We are artists, musicians, writers, technologists, and creative people. We understand your ideas, and know how to make them a reality.

Delphia Entertainment is an independent film company and record label that produces unique and creative movies along with the hottest new music. We attract a wide variety of audiences both via the internet and at live shows. Delphia started with a vision in 2006, and we have grown from a modest five people to a team of over 50 people!

Our team consists of experts in all aspects of film production such as: directors, producers, cameramen, audio & lighting, writers, actors, graphic designers, makeup, wardrobe, set design, and much more. Our team also has many experts in the field of audio production such as: engineers, DJ's, producers, singers, and more. We shoot using the best in HD movie cameras and a large assortment of lighting kits & audio equipment.

Delphia Studios also has its very own film & music editing studio to do all post-production in house.


Our Team

Jason Sherman

Director, Writer, Producer

Jason has written various screenplays and been involved with film for over 10 years. He wrote, produced and directed The Bucks County Massacre, The King's Highway, as well as short films, web series, music videos and a lot of commercial work. He brings his creative vision from paper to the screen effortlessly and can do so for your production.

Gerard Brigante Soc Gtc

Lead Camera Operator

Gerard has worked on the sets of many movies and TV series over the past 30 years such as MTV, CBS, NBC. A member of the ICG: International Cinematographers Guild (IATSE Local 600), Gerard is a perfectionist and the definition of a video professional. He is an asset to our company and we are proud to call him a team member!

Joel Young

Director of Photography

Joel has been working with large New York film companies for the better part of his adult life. He is an expert at film equipment, and knows what to use for each scene. He is a master at Visual Effects and it shows in his various pieces of work. He is an asset to our team and we are happy to call him our DP!

Paul Henon

Camera Operator

Paul worked on The King's Highway as a camera operator. He has extensive knowledge of camera features, angles, lighting, audio, and even operates a DJI drone. He is an avid photographer and regularly shoots short films. His artistic eye and story telling make him an asset to this team.

Daniel Torres

Marketing & Public Relations

Daniel is our man on the street. He spreads the good word about Delphia and knows how to cause a ruccus in the film community. He engages with local businesses and has a knack for pinpointing exactly what they need within their budget. Keep your eyes out for this guy, he may just pop into your establishment in the near future!

Jenn Laumeister

Production Manager

Jenn works as a project manager at Comcast and has a Bachelors degree in History from Temple University. An expert in different time periods, she thrives in a creative environment where she can truly spread her wings and let her imagination run wild.