Woodchuck Charlie
Drama Screenplay with a touch of romance and comedy.

(Dude with a problem)


Woodchuck Charlie - screenplay

Logline: An agoraphobic wood carver must conquer his fears when he falls in love with the mail woman.

Synopsis: An agoraphobic man faces his biggest fear when he falls in love with the new mail woman who compels him to leave the house in order to have a healthy relationship.

Nathan Baker, a skilled wood carver, witnesses his father die at a young age which triggers agoraphobia. To earn a living, he creates wooden sculptures from his woodshop at home while he spends time with his dog Charlie. When his mother, Cindy, stops by to convince him to take on a new therapist, Nathan refuses. She pushes him to enter a woodworking competition that he’s unofficially won for the past nine years, but he won’t budge.

When his mailman retires, Nathan meets his new mail woman, Joanna. He immediately falls in love with her, but she finds him to be a bit weird. Although he can’t leave his house, he tries to form a relationship with Joanna on his terms.

Cindy goes against Nathan’s wishes and employs a quirky phobia therapist, Harry, to help him conquer his fears. After several failed attempts and several panic attacks, Nathan starts to get a slight grip on his ailment. His family, and now therapist convince Nathan to enter the woodworking competition as Cindy’s 60th birthday approaches.

When Joanna leaves to be trained for her new job after she gets a promotion, it puts a damper on her relationship with Nathan as he is left alone again. He continues to work with his therapist while his brother, Eric, helps nudge things along. Cindy and her girlfriends begin her birthday festivities as her newly formed relationship with Harry grows.

While training, Joanna makes a horrible mistake after she gets drunk with a group of coworkers. Meanwhile, Eric goes to an antique shop to pick up a present for his mom's birthday, but gets hit by a van and is rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Cindy, Harry, and their friends party at Cindy’s house and don’t hear Nathan’s attempts to call their phones when he finds out about the accident. As he is in shock and panics, he makes a crucial decision to have a friend pick him up and drive him to his moms house.

Thankfully Eric survives the accident. Nathan conquers his fears and ends up in a normal relationship with Joanna. To top things off, Nathan wins and shows up to the woodworking competition to claim his trophy!

I believe the relatable storyline, gripping emotions and dynamic characters in “Woodchuck Charlie” will appeal to a very wide audience. Being that I’ve written, produced, and directed the historical documentary “The King’s Highway”, which won Best Feature Documentary at the 2016 FirstGlance Film Festival, and the found footage style film “The Bucks County Massacre”, which won the Audience Choice Award at the 2011 New Hope Film Festival, I feel as if I am best fit to write a drama such as “Woodchuck Charlie” as I have a knack for directing films and know what audiences crave. Please let me know if I can send you the script, or if you wish, you may download it below.

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My name is Jason Sherman and this is my sixth screenplay. I've been a journalist since 2012, have written & published three books, am a Wharton instructor for entrepreneurship, and regularly write articles online for various publications.

I wrote and published a self-help book entitled "Strap on your Boots" which is currently circulating area universities and helping several startups and business owners succeed.

I'd love to have Woodchuck Charlie picked up by a movie studio to be produced into a film one day. Hopefully you see potential in the story and would like to represent me.

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