Protocol 7

When a resourceful engineer is awakened in a space colony, with Earth a distant memory, he must navigate ethical quandaries and expose hidden agendas to prevent a misuse of technology that could decide the fate of humanity’s last survivors.

“Protocol 7” unfolds in a dystopian future where Earth has faded into history, and humanity’s remnants survive in a space colony. This colony’s existence hinges on a groundbreaking yet controversial project — the reconstruction of human consciousness, overseen by the mysterious Aiifh. 

Gossen, a key player in the colony, navigates the intricate ethical web woven by this project. Meanwhile, the counselors, integral to the colony’s governance and the project’s oversight, grapple with the broader implications of their actions. The narrative intricately explores the lives of the reconstructed individuals known as Omegas. Figures like Anzar, Ruvva, and Jenix, with their personal struggles and traumas, are amplified by the existential questions posed by their existence. The initiation of the protocols marks a journey into moral and psychological depths, challenging the very fabric of human identity.

As the story reaches its climax, the colony is engulfed in a storm of ethical dilemmas and power struggles, with Gossen and the counselors at its core. Torn between scientific ambition and moral responsibility, they must confront the reality of a society on the edge of an evolutionary breakthrough, which could either usher in a new era for humanity or lead to its downfall.

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Protocol 7