Protocol 7

When a resourceful engineer is awakened in a space colony, with Earth a distant memory, he must navigate ethical quandaries and expose hidden agendas to prevent a misuse of technology that could decide the fate of humanity’s last survivors.

“Protocol 7” is set in a dystopian future where Earth has become a distant memory. Humanity’s last survivors reside in a space colony, a fragile bastion amidst the stars. Central to the colony’s survival is a groundbreaking and controversial initiative: the reconstruction of human consciousness, led by the enigmatic Aiifh and overseen by a council of counselors who bear the weight of their critical decisions.

Gossen, an integral figure within the colony, finds himself entangled in the intricate ethical web spun by this ambitious project. His journey is a profound one, marked by a relentless pursuit of truth and an internal struggle with the moral implications of his work. The narrative delves into the complexities of the reconstructed individuals known as the Omegas. Each, including Anzar, Ruvva, and Jenix, grapples with personal struggles and traumas that are magnified by the existential quandaries of their artificially extended lives.

The story intensifies with the initiation of the protocols, each step deeper into uncharted territory. The colony is rife with tension and ethical conflict, as the implications of tampering with the essence of life become increasingly apparent. The counselors, responsible for the governance and oversight of the project, confront the broader consequences of their actions, each decision echoing through the lives of all within the colony.

As the narrative progresses, Gossen’s quest for truth leads him down a path fraught with revelations and moral complexity. The colony, a microcosm of human ambition and ethical boundaries, becomes the stage for a gripping climax. Here, Gossen, the counselors, and the Omegas face the repercussions of the protocols, each moment of decision a reflection of the profound dilemmas they face.

The climax is a convergence of personal revelations and ethical upheaval. Gossen stands at the forefront, his choices resonating with the fate of the colony and humanity itself. The story reaches a poignant resolution, where the outcomes of their decisions are revealed, leaving the audience to ponder the ethical limits of scientific advancement and the essence of human identity in an era defined by technological transcendence.

“Protocol 7” is a thought-provoking narrative that explores the furthest reaches of science, the depths of human emotion, and the perennial question of what it means to be truly alive.

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Protocol 7